Go beyond beginner with Buildertrend certifications.

Master the most popular construction software in the industry.

Project manager

Give your workflow warp speed. Buildertrend experts will show you ways to manage all of your project activities with intuitive features like: Daily Logs, Schedule Management, Photos, Warranty, and more. Learn ways to use Buildertrend on job sites to save time and money every single day. You’ll earn your Buildertrend Project Manager certification upon course completion.

Office Manager

Win the war on clutter. Buildertrend experts will show you how to set up new jobs, manage warranty claims on completed projects, and everything in between. Get a firm grasp on how Buildertrend works and learn ways to reduce paperwork, simplify communication, and keep everyone in the loop. You’ll earn your Buildertrend Office Manager certification upon course completion.


Streamline your accounting with Buildertrend financial tools. Our experts will teach you how to create and manage budgets, generate estimates, track expenses, and integrate your data with your accounting program. You’ll earn your Buildertrend Bookkeeper certification upon course completion.

Selections Coordinator

Make decisions with confidence. Buildertrend gives you the tools to keep everyone in the loop on all owner selections on your projects. We’ll show you how to track project decisions, simplify change orders, and improve communication with easy-to-use Buildertrend features. You’ll earn your Buildertrend Selections Coordinator certification upon course completion.

Sales and Marketing

Forge new frontiers in communication. Buildertrend will give you an edge over the competition with tools for reporting, generating proposals, and managing account activity. Our curriculum is tailored for sales and marketing pros. You’ll earn your Buildertrend Sales and Marketing certification upon course completion.

Super User

Earn our highest user status. Obtain all five certifications in Buildertrend (Project Manager, Office Manager, Bookkeeper, Selections Coordinator, and Sales & Marketing) and master the entire system. Once you’ve conquered all five courses, you’ll be a Buildertrend expert and receive our Buildertrend Super User Certification.

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